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August 30th, 2002 Another great Brazilian CD coming out next month on Rock Symphony: "Triz", first solo album by ex-Turangalila Alexandre "Alexl" Loureiro.
August 30th, 2002 First Focus studio album in 25 years, entitled "Focus 8", will be released in Brazil on our Rock Symphony label !!!
July 18th, 2002 Rock Symphony and Musea will soon release "Refúgio", the new opus by Brazilian prog veterans of Apocalypse.
July 18th, 2002 At last: Drama's debut CD "Inspiración" is released.
June 22nd, 2002 Rock Symphony starts new partnership: the first and classic album by Polish band Quidam will be out in Brazil as a Rock Symphony-Voltage Records co-production.
June 22nd, 2002 Band Acidente and Rock Symphony premiére the album 'Technolorgy' during North East Art Rock Festival 2002, in Trenton, USA.
May 19th, 2002 Acidente will soon release their new and bouldest record, "Technolorgy", a joint-edition by Rock Symphony and French label Musea.
April 17th, 2002 Another seventies classic 'rescued' by Rock Symphony: we are talking about the first album by Terreno Baldio, from 75, one of the most important Brazilian progressive records of all time.
April 17th, 2002 Focus tour in Brazil goes well: shows in Belo Horizonte (Minascentro venue), Rio de Janeiro (Canecão venue) and São Paulo (DirecTV Hall venue) are confirmed !
April 17th, 2002 Three more bands are confirmed for Rio ArtRock Festival 2002: Octohpera (Rio de janeiro), Index (Caxias do Sul) and Projeto Caleidoscópio (Rio de Janeiro).
March 19th, 2002 Official!!! Dutch legend FOCUS reforms and is confirmed as headliner of Rio ArtRock Festival 2002!!!
March 19th, 2002 Rock Symphony in love with Uruguay: "Inspiración", by Drama, is one of our next releases.
February 05th, 2002 One of the best albums of the year comes out this month through Rock Symphony: "El vals de los duendes", second opus by Spanish combo Omni.
February 05th, 2002 Release of the CD "Jazzattack", by English band Paladin, starts licensing project with the Red Steel label and co-production with Brazilian fan.
January 08th, 2002 Another exclusive Rock Symphony release from Chile: "Akranania", second CD by Akinetón Retard.
December 07th, 2001 Projeto Caleidoscópio and Rock Symphony sign agreement for the edition of the duo's second album.
December 07th, 2001 Another great Chilean band joins our cast: Subterra.
October 29th, 2001 Le Orme "Elementi" licensed for Brazilian release on Rock Symphony.
October 29th, 2001 Band Index, leaded by ex-Quaterna Réquiem Jones Junior, will release second CD "Liber Secundus" through Rock Symphony.
October 29th, 2001 Rock Symphony presents another great discovery from Chile: Daltonia.
October 29th, 2001 Cactus Peyotes, one of the artists of RARF 2001, releases debut CD in November. Follow the link and check out some MP3 files.
September 21st, 2001 Poços & Nuvens releases their second album "Província Universo" during Rio ArtRock Festival 2001. Follow the link and check out some MP3 files.
September 21st, 2001 Second opus by Aether to come out on Rock Symphony. Band's debut album will have next pressings also through our label.

August 19th, 2001 Rock Symphony will re-release in September both CDs by Chilean revelation "Ergo Sum".
August 19th, 2001 "Seven Spheres", Alpha III's 1990 album, has just been reissued on CD by Rock Symphony.
August 19th, 2001 More Brazilian albums in Rock Symphony's catalog: Apocalypse "Perto do Amanhecer" and Eloy Fritsch's new solo CD, "Mythology".
July 21st, 2001 A major Brazilian prog album from 1977 is finally available, with two bonus tracks: Recordando o Vale das Maçãs "1977-1982".
July 21st, 2001 Rock Symphony will release a Brazilian edition of After Crying's 'De Profundis'.