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Acidente will soon release their new and bouldest record, "Technolorgy", a joint-edition by Rock Symphony and French label Musea.

Mythological Brazilian band Acidente, from Rio de Janeiro area, comes back with their first album in 6 years (the follow-up to "Farawayers", which first saw the light of day at the Rio ArtRock Festival '96). Giving up on their ideals of total independence, Acidente teams up with labels Rock Symphony and Musea to bring to their fans one of the best works of the year. "Technolorgy" (RSLN 077/FGBG 4424) is quite possibly the best album penned by keyboardist Paulo Malária and friends.

Totally instrumental, it hints (a lot!) on big names such as Focus ands ELP. This is their most seventies-sounding record ever. Check this out with your local dealer!!!

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